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Home Ownersite Affiliate Program

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    Are You:
  • An insurance agent looking for a comprehensive, reliable and user-friendly home inventory solution for your clients?
  • A real estate agent searching for a value-added offering for your clients so they can effectively manage the safety, security and value of their home?
  • A publisher, website owner, or professional connected to the real estate, personal organization, disaster planning or home ownership industries?
  • Interested in adding to your revenue stream with little or no effort on your part?
  • A home inventory professional? If so, be sure to learn more about our Provider Program.

About Home Ownersite

If your business is directed at homeowners who are looking for insurance, general home care, disaster planning, or even DIY information, then you may be ideally suited for the Home Ownersite Affiliate Program. Or, if you operate a site that provides real estate content, including listings or commentary, then your clients might be interested in taking advantage of the invaluable services offered by Home Ownersite.

Reaching Out to Homeowners

Home Ownersite is a comprehensive online repository where homeowners can track important details related to the home ownership lifecycle—from comprehensive home inventory management and tax and mortgage record storage to critical maintenance reminders and helpful resources. Home Ownersite is positioned to become the standard tool for managing primary residences, second homes, and rental properties for tens of thousands of users.

The Nuts and Bolts of the Home Ownersite Affiliate Program

The Internet has changed the face of marketing and provides new and cost-effective ways to reach a larger audience of potential customers while cementing relationships with existing clients.

The Home Ownersite Affiliate Program is an effective monetization service for complementary businesses. Like any other affiliate marketing program, you can earn money with little or no effort. You will earn a commission every time a client signs up for this valuable and cost-effective fee-based service. It is a simple and effective way to generate additional revenue stream by promoting Home Ownersite’s services and driving traffic to the subscription-based web portal.

An Incredible Value Proposition

The Home Ownersite Affiliate Program offers incredible value:

  • It is ideally suited to your target audience.
  • The service costs very little for the functionality and benefit it provides.
  • It enables you to better prepare your customers for disasters or theft by managing their home inventory, maintenance projects, and home ownership information, making your job easier over the long-term.
  • The online service does not require software or complex implementation.
  • The click and go capability makes the purchase decision quicker and easier. Essentially, Home Ownersite sells itself without you making any more effort than passing on the website information.
  • It increases information-sharing between complementary businesses and enhances each other’s marketing efforts.

Strengthen Brand and Client Loyalty

Furthering the significant value proposition is the unique ability of the Home Ownersite Affiliate Program to continue strengthening your brand in the mind of your clients. Here’s how:

  • The optional co-branding feature allows for the inclusion of your logo and website link at the top of each page when the user is logged in.
  • You can reproduce the content from the Home Care section on your website, statement inserts, newsletter, blog, or other marketing materials to inform your clients about Home Ownersite, driving traffic for increased affiliate commissions.

Clients always appreciate when they receive additional information and advice. It makes them feel like they are receiving more value from the relationship and motivates them to remain loyal.

Getting Started

It is easy to get started because Home Ownersite will start you off with a no-risk free trial. Absolutely no credit card information needs to be provided upfront. Give it a try by clicking here to start now!

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