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Home Care & Ownership Tips
Maintenance Ups the Reliability Factor of Your Home

When you spend a lot of money – and a home is probably the largest purchase that any of us will ever make – you want to make sure that your investment lasts as long as possible. While it is exciting to have your own home, many people do not realize just how expensive they can be, especially if parts of the house begin to fall apart or appliances stop working.

Instead of feeling like an asset, a home can become a liability if you do not take the time to ensure regular maintenance. In fact, scheduling routine care of your home can greatly increase its reliability factor, saving you money, time, and a lot of headaches. What may seem like a hassle in terms of feeling like a second or third job, the effort will all seem worth it as you realize that you do not have to make any big-ticket purchases or repairs while you watch a friend or neighbor struggle to cover the costs of a new roof or a set of appliances. It is important to focus on the fact that what you do in the short-term will be enjoyed and realized as a benefit over the longer term.

Reliability Hints and Tips

There are a number of hints about increasing the reliability factor throughout your home.

  • Air Conditioner and Heating Units – These two large appliances can become very costly when main components break down or it turns out you have to purchase an entirely new unit. Without a maintenance agreement, you are faced with an investment that you are not financially prepared to make. Simple steps can ensure that the reliability of these major and necessary items is extended to their maximum life expectancy. Remember to:
    • Change filters on a regular basis. Follow a suggested quarterly schedule or, depending on the part of the country you live in, you may have to change these filters more often.
    • Remove any dust or dirt that builds up by vacuuming around all vents and areas that can collect these substances.
    • Have a professional come out and check the heating and air conditioner unit once a year. They can spot and handle issues before they become expensive problems.
  • External Aspects – The more time you spend taking care of the landscape, pool and spa, roof, paint, siding or stucco, windows and doors, and other external aspects, the greater the chances that their reliability will be extended even beyond what might be expected, saving you the expense and stress of a major remodeling project.
  • Internal Features – Other areas inside your home, such as paint, carpet, cabinetry, plumbing, showers and baths, sinks and countertops, that receive weekly and monthly cleaning respond well by lasting longer and delivering reassuring reliability for you and your family.
  • Home Appliances – Of all the components that make up your home, it seems as though appliances get the most use and abuse. Unfortunately, it seems as though most items are now made by manufacturers to fit what has become a “throw-away” society. Nothing seems to last as long as they once had. Still, there are many things you can do to make sure that your appliances, such as the refrigerator, stove, washer and dryer, survive for years to come without having to make a large investment in the latest and greatest models:
    • Wipe everything down inside and out on a regular basis so that dust, grime, and other substances do not build up on the appliance. Not conducting regular cleaning is the quickest way to kill an appliance. For instance, dust bunnies and dirt can block proper air circulation, quickly burning out a condenser, motor, or other key piece of equipment.
    • When you purchase an appliance, always read the owner’s manual to follow the manufacturer’s suggested cleaning and maintenance schedule. No matter how boring it may be to read these manuals, they do provide valuable information that can ensure a higher level of reliability from the appliance.

Record-Keeping Pays Reliability Dividends

In order to conduct proper maintenance to ensure this reliability, you most likely need some sort of reminder service. After all, maintenance and cleaning tasks are not top-of-mind activities. The majority of us would rather be thinking about fun and exciting plans rather than how much work we have to do on our house. Others may enjoy puttering around the house but still find it difficult to remember all the aspects that must be addressed both inside and out to maximize its reliability.

It helps to keep a record that is easy to access and update without taking too much time. In today’s world of amazing gadgets and online capability, you have a world of choices on the Internet that allow you to keep an easy maintenance schedule and calendar. Don’t even think about using the old-school method of a notebook or a software program when you have such an efficient way of tracking and being reminded with a service like Ownersite Technologies offers.

Technology Eases the Task at Hand

Just imagine getting an email on your iPhone or an alert on your Blackberry that reminds you of certain maintenance tasks. This information service can help you keep up with all that you have to do so you never risk losing the level of reliability in your home’s external and internal components. A home inventory can also be integrated into the maintenance schedule so that you can also focus on sustaining the reliability of other features within your home.

The data from this service can even be compiled into a report that can be shared with an insurance agent, realtor, potential buyer, tenant, or anyone else that you feel might want to view your maintenance record, providing them with the confidence that the home is reliable, secure, and safe.

Services like those offered by Ownersite Technologies are economical and provide an added value that you will be hard-pressed to find anywhere else. Investing in a partner like Ownersite provides you access to current technologies that are user-friendly, secure, and valuable, enabling you to keep up with your home maintenance without pinching the pocketbook or draining your already limited time.

Ownersite Technologies is happy to offer a free 30-day trial of Home Ownersite, the comprehensive, web-based tool that simplifies home inventories and recordkeeping. With plans starting at only $29.95 per year, Home Ownersite is the perfect tool to manage the complete ownership lifecycle for your home and valuables. To start your free, no-obligation trial or to review the different plans available, please click here.

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