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Home Care & Ownership Tips
Making Your Home Last: Maintaining Its Life for Your Pleasure

Your home is much like your physical body. If you take care of it, then it will do the same for you. The more you put into your property and your body, the better it will age, the more pleasure you will get out of them, and the longer the life you both will lead. As homes become more expensive and as loan guidelines make it more difficult to qualify for a mortgage, many people are considering staying in their homes for much longer than they once might have considered.

Because of changing lifestyles, more homeowners are turning their attention to the life of their home. Most of us have a 30-year loan and we want to ensure that the house does not fall apart just as we are paying it off and possibly retiring to get more enjoyment out of it. None of us want to enter retirement with the big expense of replacing many of the “bones” of our home.

In order to know just how long you can make your home last before dealing with replacement costs, you need to know the average life cycle of materials and appliances and then you must be able to create a maintenance schedule that ensures the maximum life expectancy of these components.

Typical Life Cycles of Homes

Created by the National Association of Home Builders, here is a table that shows the average life of many aspects of your home. These life cycles are simply estimates and can be less or more, depending on geography, weather, and how the homeowner tends to their property.

Brick 100 years
Stucco 50-100 years
Roofing 50+ years
Wood Decks 20 years
Siding Lifetime
Shutters 20 years
Windows 30 years
Driveway 15-20 years
Furnace & Air Conditioning Units 10-20 years
Paint Up to 15 years

The National Association of Home Builders also makes the point in their report that all of these items will perform better and look greater longer if the appropriate maintenance tasks are executed on a regular basis.

Tips to Extend Life Expectancy

You know that nothing lasts forever, but you want to make sure that what you love stays around for as long as possible. While we plan our day around exercise, healthy food, good sleep, and lots of vitamins, hoping to extend our own life as well as the ones we love, we need to view our home in the same light. Here are some things to remember:

  • Focus on the big things as well as the little tasks. While the major components of your home that involve its structure usually only require annual check-ups, it is the little things that matter most and must be attended to on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis.
  • Consistency in your effort will produce great results. Weekly attention to your home will enable you to catch items that need attention before they become a big problem and develop into something that could make your home vulnerable to bad weather or other external forces. The more that you can do to keep up your home, the more that it can withstand even as it ages.
  • Whatever you do yourself, preparation is the key. Take pride in what you are doing to ensure that you get it done right. This will make the work last and add years to the life of your home.
  • When you do take on a project, ensure that you can add materials that deliver the longest life expectancy. Do not short change yourself by selecting the cheapest product. There is that old adage that “you get what you pay for,” so it is more than likely that a more expensive product tends to provide a longer life expectancy.
  • If you feel that a certain maintenance task or project is out of your league, do not be afraid to get a professional in to help you or do the entire job. Sometimes, spending the money on someone who knows what they are doing saves you from dealing with a larger expense in the long run.

Creating a Home Maintenance Schedule

Ownersite Technologies can help you create a maintenance schedule that focuses on maximizing the life expectancy of your home. With an easy-to-access Web portal, you can track all your maintenance tasks and receive reminders via e-mail when it is that time again to deliver TLC to your home. Their low-cost site membership provides you with a helping hand that takes the tasking effort out of tracking your home maintenance records.

Home Ownersite’s online tool bar provides an easy way to quickly set up a home maintenance schedule to keep your home looking like new and extending its life as long as possible. By keeping a maintenance record, you can review the repairs and life of various appliances and materials used in your home so that you can estimate replacement costs as well as weigh the advantages and disadvantages of using different materials or switching to another brand of appliance. The Web portal also has an online information center that can guide you to specific articles or sites to help you extend the life of certain components in your home.

The more you put into the care of your home, the more it will return to you in terms of reliability, security, pleasure, and value. You will also be able to minimize the amount of expenditures on the house due to staying on top of the little things that make all the difference in making your home last for future generations to enjoy.

Ownersite Technologies is happy to offer a free 30-day trial of Home Ownersite, the comprehensive, web-based tool that simplifies home inventories and recordkeeping. With plans starting at only $29.95 per year, Home Ownersite is the perfect tool to manage the complete ownership lifecycle for your home and valuables. To start your free, no-obligation trial or to review the different plans available, please click here.

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