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Ownersite Technologies Announces Home Ownersite Affiliate and Provider Programs

Provides Compelling Value Proposition, Brand Strengthening Opportunities for Complementary Businesses

ROSWELL, GA – December 12, 2008 - Ownersite Technologies, a developer of personal asset management software for home and vehicle owners, today announced that it launched the Home Ownersite affiliate program and provider plans for complementary businesses, such as insurance agents, professional organizers, home inventory providers, real estate professionals, estate attorneys or any other business that is targeted to homeowners.

Affiliate Program: New Revenue Streams

The new Home Ownersite affiliate program builds upon Home Ownersite’s comprehensive home management capabilities by offering revenue-sharing and co-branding opportunities to complementary businesses. Affiliates can receive a commission for every client that signs up for this valuable web-based service, which is lead by a detailed, yet easy-to-use, home inventory component.

“Our affiliate program provides an incredible value proposition to insurance agents because they not only benefit from the convenience of having clients that are prepared with online home inventories, but they also enjoy an additional revenue stream,” says Steven Eppinger, President and CEO of Ownersite Technologies. “The co-branding aspect of the program enables these organizations to strengthen their brands by including their logo and website link at the top of each Home Ownersite page.”

In addition to the revenue and co-branding capabilities, affiliates are also eligible to reproduce content from the Home Care section of the site on their websites, newsletters, statement inserts, or other marketing materials to stimulate interest, educate clients, and increase the commission revenue stream.

Provider Plan: A Competitively Priced Business Builder

The Home Ownersite Provider Plan is intended for home inventory providers. Unlike other companies that offer a PC-based software program to document home inventories and provide reports to their clients, the Provider Plan enables subscribers to give their clients access to a feature-limited, co-branded version of Home Ownersite so that they can review their home inventory and continue to update it themselves.

“Third-party inventory providers are raising awareness among homeowners about preparing for disasters, theft, or other threats,” according to Steven Eppinger, President and CEO of Ownersite Technologies. “Although software programs have been available to home inventory providers, insurance agents, estate attorneys, and disaster planning service providers for many years, there has never been an online product that offers the functionality and flexibility of Home Ownersite at such an extremely low-cost per property. Providers will be able to enhance the value that they provide to homeowners while maintaining low costs, realizing greater profit potential, and attracting new customers.”

The Provider Plan is also targeted at insurance companies and agents who want to make it easier for their clients to document home inventories during a “Pre-Loss” or “Post-Loss” scenario. Attorneys and other organizations, which handle estate settlements, can use Home Ownersite to document what is owned by a client’s estate in order to place a value on it. Disaster planning service providers can also add this home inventory solution to their overall product toolkit to help homeowners be ready for the worst when and if it occurs.

About Home Ownersite

Home Ownersite ( is a complete home ownership lifecycle tool from Ownersite Technologies that helps homeowners record all of the important details of home ownership, including storage of tax documents, insurance details, mortgage information, and a comprehensive, shareable home inventory for insurance purposes.

About Ownersite Technologies

Ownersite Technologies is a privately held technology company based in Roswell, GA. Founded in 2000, Ownersite Technologies develops and markets software designed to help consumers to manage the complete ownership lifecycle of their most valuable assets, their home and vehicles. The company sells their products directly to consumers, as well as partners with credit unions, financial services providers and automotive service providers. For further information, please visit

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