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Home Ownersite Provider Plan

    Are You:
  • A home inventory professional that is looking for a cost-effective method for creating a home inventory for clients while offering additional value through an online access for homeowners to continue to manage that inventory?
  • An insurance provider that wants to give you clients a way to develop a home inventory for a more effective “Pre-Loss” or “Post-Loss scenario?
  • An attorney in charge of estate settlements that could benefit from a home inventory system to help value a client’s estate?
  • A disaster planning service that could add value to your overall product toolkit by including a home inventory solution?
  • A complementary business that is interested in enhancing your revenue stream? If so, be sure to learn more about our Affiliate Program.

About Home Ownersite

Home Ownersite is a comprehensive online repository where homeowners can track important details related to the home ownership lifecycle—from comprehensive home inventory management and tax and mortgage record storage to critical maintenance reminders and helpful resources. Home Ownersite is positioned to become the standard tool for managing primary residences, second homes, and rental properties for tens of thousands of users.

Home Ownersite offers:

  • Comprehensive functionality
  • Ease-of-use
  • Web-based reporting tools
  • Customizable password-protected web pages
  • Print or email reports to share with insurance agents, real estate agents, or attorneys

Reaching Out to Homeowners

Third-party inventory providers are a rapidly growing industry that is helping raise awareness among homeowners about preparing for disasters, theft, or other threats. Homeowners need to be educated in regards to the benefits that they receive by constructing a home inventory and tracking their maintenance, repairs, and home ownership responsibilities, including mortgage, insurance, and property tax payments on all their properties.

The Provider Plan

Home Ownersite offers a subscription plan for home inventory providers and complementary business, which provides the same functionality as the consumer version.

The Provider Plan offers co-branding capability so that providers can allow their clients to continue to access the online home inventory information so that they can update it themselves. This capability is controlled by the provider who can customize access on a property-by-property basis.

An Incredible Value Proposition

The Home Ownersite Provider Program offers incredible value:

  • Maintain low costs while enhancing the service offering on a per-property basis
  • Realize greater profit potential from each client
  • Attract new customers through the ease of doing business
  • Minimize the work load through the use of an online solution

Strengthen Brand and Client Loyalty

Furthering the significant value proposition is the unique ability of the Home Ownersite Provider Program to continue strengthening your brand in the mind of your clients. The additional information and advice you give them by offering Home Ownersite makes them feel like they are receiving more value from the relationship and motivates them to remain loyal.

Getting Started

It is easy to get started. The base price for a provider plan is a one-time fee of $29.95, which includes one property. From there, the cost is only $10 per additional property per year, which includes the option of adding client access. Give it a try by clicking here to start now!

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