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Home Care & Ownership Tips
Featured Articles
“Should vs. Is” - Expectation vs. Reality
Contributed by: Derek Kartchner of
Home Ownership
Be an Informed Homeowner With Ownersite Technologies’ Comprehensive Knowledge Library
Ready for the Unexpected: How to Prepare Your Home and Family for a Disaster
The Homeowners’ Dilemma: Do-It-Yourself or Pay for a Professional?
Minimizing Utility Costs and Reducing Your Carbon Footprint Via an Online Home Maintenance Schedule
About Home Inventories
Tracking Your Valuables: the “why” of Home Inventory
Accounting for Your Treasures: the “how To” of Compiling a Home Inventory
The Nuts and Bolts of Online Home Inventory: Leveraging the Power of the Internet
Document the Savings and Investment Value: Online Home Maintenance Record-Keeping
Insurance & Warranties
Ensure the Right Insurance: Understanding How to Cover Yourself and Your Investment
Home Warranties: Penny Wise or Pound Foolish?
Taxes & Finances
Setting the Record Straight: Important Landlord Reports and Tax Deductions
Make Uncle Sam Less Taxing: Record-Keeping and Home Office Tax Deductions
Deciphering the Mechanics of Property Tax
Renting & Tenants
Out of Sight, Out of Mind: Maintenance Tips for Vacation Homes and Rental Properties
Sharing the Responsibility: Tenant and Landlord Maintenance Checklists
Partners in Success: Tenant and Landlord Maintenance Responsibilities
Seasonal Maintenance
Don’t Fall Down on Home Maintenance: Autumn Home Care Tips
Indoor Projects to Beautify and Maximize Investment Value Winter Home Maintenance Tips
Sizzling Summer Home Maintenance Tips
Spring Has Sprung the Mop and Duster From the Closet: Home Maintenance Tips for the New Season
Periodic Maintenance
Once-A-Year Tasks: Annual Home Maintenance
Twice Is Nice: Biannual Home Maintenance
Four Times Better: Quarterly Home Maintenance
A Calendar Year of Tasks: Monthly Home Maintenance
Whistle While You Work: Taking on Weekly Maintenance Tasks
Home Safety & Reliability
Tending to the Most Vulnerable: Child-Proofing Your Home
Dampening Home Fire Hazards Through Careful Maintenance
Lock and Stock: Protecting Your Home and Valuables From Theft
Maintenance Ups the Reliability Factor of Your Home
Lifeguard Alert! Keeping Your Family Safe in and Around the Swimming Pool
Weathering External Factors Through an Offensive and Defensive Home Maintenance Strategy
Making Your Home Last: Maintaining Its Life for Your Pleasure
Home Value & Resales
Understanding Home Value and How It’s Calculated
Supersizing Your Home: Is This the Opportune Market to Trade Up?
Increasing the Value of Your Home
Cleaning, Staging and Prepping: How to Get Your House Ready to Sell

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